Gold Membership

Diamond Membership


Is there a limit on services or products that are discounted with my membership?

No, all services and products are eligible for your membership’s discounts.

Can I share my membership benefits with friends and families?

Yes! With the Diamond Membership you are able to share Unlimited Monthly Service Transfers for New Client Referrals, and 2x a year to existing clients

Can I bank my monthly fee to use towards injectables or facials?

No, your monthly fee can only be redeemed for one of your service perks throughout the month.

Is there a penalty or fee associated with canceling my membership?

No, there is no penalty or fee for canceling.

Is there a membership freeze charge?

No, there is no charge. You may freeze your membership for a maximum of 3 months per year.

Are all skincare products eligible for my membership discount?

Yes, all skincare products are eligible! We carry Skinbetter Science products.

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